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Light Drop-Weight Tester ZFG 2000

to the fast load-carrying capacity measurement and in-plant self-monitoring with building projects.

Easy to handle: The tester can be operated by one operator alone.
Time-saving: The dynamic deformation module is immediately available for on-site evaluation, if necessary on printout. All measuring data needed for a statistical assessment according to ZTVE-StB 94 and ZTVT-StB 95 are stored in the tester.
Cost-saving: An additional loading vehicle is not necessary. The test can be completed in a short time and in a cost-effective way.
Precise measuring: Each data set comprises the settlement amplitude 1 m as well as the parameter of the compaction grade s/v.


Light Drop-Weight Tester ZFG 2000

Practical Examples of Use
Test of the stability
of embankments and shoulders
Compression control in main ditches, head hole fillings and other inaccessable places.
Test of road beds, also after installation of the road surface, and car parks on insulating strata etc.
Test of the load capacity within the scope of explorations or additional checks in drill holes.
Test of the elasticity of sport ground coats of all kinds.

Immediate evaluation



NEW: storage of the test documents with the deflection curves on the chip cards



NEW: thumbing through the data stored on the chip card



NEW: later printout of the stored documents



NEW: quick charge of the integrated accumulators with higher efficiency of the accumulators



NEW: Reading of testing data by means of chip-card reader into the PC



Preparation of test documents with the test products in a table and statistic evaluation on the PC



NEW: Printing the deflection curves by means of the Windows PC. Even when there cannot be printed test documents by means of the mini printer on the building-site, they can be produced - always 3 on one DIN A4 page - afterwards by the PC.

Fully automatic measuring of the load plate settlement by means of a built-in sensor
Signal processing by means of an integrated microcomputer and digital LCD display.
Measuring mode: Display of the three settlement amplitudes, the mean value and the dynamic deformation module.
Calibration mode: The functioning of the device can be checked on the site by making use of the acceleration of the earth without the need for any additional units.
Operator promting via cleartext display with clock.
Miniprinter for documentation of date, time, test point number, settlement course, maximum settlement speeds and Evd module

Technical Data of the ZFG 02:
Loading plate with two handles and acceleration sensor


300 mm


15 kg


St 52, galvanized

Loading device with tilting and transport safety

Weight of the falling load

10 kg

Weight of the loading device

15 kg

Maximum impact

7,07 kN 0,07 kN

Shock period

18 ms 2 ms

Guide rod made of bright stainless steel, spring elements made of disk springs

Electronic settlement measuring device as pocket device with integrated clock and miniprinter


180 x 80 x 45 mm

Working temperature range

0 C bis 50 C

Settlement measuring range

0,1 - 30 mm 0,01 mm

Measuring range deformation module

E < 225 MN/m