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The leader in density gauge technology is now offering a device that can quickly give an indication of the density of your asphalt pavement. Troxler's PaveTracker provides advanced technology in a patented device that allows rapid and reliable pavement measurements. Our PaveTracker can be used on existing asphalt pavements or freshly placed mats. It is ideal for quick QC measurements to check for segregation, areas of low density, and overall pavement uniformity.


Consider the following features that make the PaveTracker ideal for your asphalt paving projects:
  • Rapid measurement - the display is updated every second
  • Lightweight - unit weighs 2 pounds
  • Pavement measurements are displayed in units of lb/ft3 for easy comparison to a nuclear gauge reading or core value
  • No moisture or temperature corrections are needed
  • 3 foot telescoping handle reduces bending for gauge operations
  • Transport case has a built-in Test Plate to use as a reference for instrument traceability to the factory standard

For greater accuracy, offset the measurement to a nuclear gauge reading or core value OR tie the measurement directly to the laboratory design density by placing the PaveTracker on top of a 150mm Gyratory compacted specimen. US Patent Number 6,400,161

PaveTracker Specifications
Size: Electronics Module 3.5W x 4.5D x 2.25H in.
Size: Field Case w/Electronics Module 6W x 8D x 3.5H in.
Weight: Electronic Module 1 lb.
Weight: Field Case w/Electronics Module 2 lbs.
Measurement Capability Pavement density in lb/ft3 on warm pavement and battery level
Probe Non-nuclear, non-capacitance, measuring field
Probing Depth 1.75 in.
Measurement Time 1 second
Repeatability 0.5 units
Power Rechargeable Battery, Run time 8 hours
Calibration To asphalt cores, unit will sit on a 6 in. core or laboratory specimen
Handle Telescoping, detachable
Transport Case Water-resistant with built-in reference standard