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5150 Automatic Dry Pycnometer (ADP)
Currently the measurement of Gmm and mixture absorption is accomplished by the ‘Rice’ method using a water-filled pychnometer and standard laboratory vacuum pump. A typical lab technician can only perform 2-3 of these tests during the course of an eight-hour day. The repeatability of the results is heavily dependent on the skill of the operator.The ADP from Troxler is a fully-automated device that delivers the measured Gmm and mixture absorption in less than 30 minutes with an order of magnitude improvement in repeatability compared to the current method.

Consider the features and benefits of the ADP:

  • Automatic process, less operator dependence
  • Short test times – test results in less than 30 minutes
  • Use your current laboratory vacuum pump
  • Keypad electronic controls – simple to operate
  • Small footprint to easily fit on any work table
  • No water, no bags - simple one step process. Leaves the mixture available for additional testing