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  Asphalt -> Marshall Testing

New developed two unique systems for this test, which have been tried and proven.
The first system is the manual system, which is far from as accurate as the data logged system due to the speed of the test.


Load Measurement
The VJT5011 Triplex Load Frame 50KN Capacity is a top of the range machine, which has a fully variable speed limit and therefore can be used for other standard test such as Triaxial or CBR.

VJT5564   Load Ring 30KN Capacity - Supplied with a braking attachment on the dial gauge to hold the peak load.
VJT0364A   DBBSM 50KN Z Beam Load Cell - This is a very accurate load cell, which has been used for this test for many years.
VJT0364B   DBBSM 25KN Z Beam Load Cell - This is a very accurate load cell, which has been used for this test as an alternative to the VJT0364A.
VJT0288   DBBSM Z Beam Load Cell adaptor - Required to connect the load cell to the load frame and to apply the load to the Marshall Mould. Also includes the mounting bracket to hold the LSCT which will measure the Flow.
Flow Measurement
VJT5562   Flow Indicator 25 x 0.01mm - This Dial Gauge has a mechanical brake to hold the peak. Flow.
VJT0271   LSCT 25mm Travel - A rugged construction, low voltage and current consumption. Accurate designed transducer used to measure the flow.
Data Logger
VJT1300   This is a purpose built two-channel analogue logger specially designed for Marshall and CBR tests to be used with the DBBSM Load Cell and LSCT. This unit comes complete with a windows based host software.
General Accessories
VJT5561   Breaking Head Stability Mould conforms to the test standards
VJT5563   Stability Mould Base Plate - Required to locate the mould on the VJT5011 Load Frame.