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Rolling Thin Film Oven
The CS325-B precision oven is designed for the specific requirements in the State of California method 346, AASHTO T240 and ASTM D2872.

Repeatability of the test is directly related to the accuracy with the oven temperature can be maintained to the specific standard temperature of 163C, and the reproducibility of the thermal rise time of the system. The CS325-B has been designed to perform or exceed the specification requirements as detailed by AASHTO and ASTM.

The oven temperature is sampled by a precision RTD sensor exposed to the supervised environment. The thermal mass of the sensor is extremely low having a thermal/electrical time constant measurable in seconds. The controller accepts the signal from the RTD sensor and precisely displays the process temperature while providing an accurate output control signal to maintain the process at the required control point. The controller operates in the PID mode. It has a programmable auto tune feature which automatically establishes the tuning constants. The PID constants may be fine-tuned by the operator at any time, if desired, and secured from further modification by unauthorized personnel. The controller employs a unique suppression feature which allows for the quickest response time without excessive overshoot. Dual 4 digit displays allows viewing of the process temperature and set point simultaneously.